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Anonymous FTP Access and Requirements

The software on this site is available for downloading using anonymous ftp. Log in using the ftp client of your choice or your web browser to ftp.celestial.com. The username is either ftp or anonymous, and the password is your e-mail address. Our ftp server will not accept the bogus passwords automatically generated by Netscape or Internet Explorer, but must be a real e-mail address.

You will not be able to access this site if the IP address you're using doesn't have proper reverse DNS (Domain Name Service) mapping so if you get a message saying that you're being refused access because there's no reverse DNS, see your ISP about getting their DNS configured properly.

Software Licensing

The software here should all be ``Open Source'', which means that it's free, but not that you can do anything with it. Most of these packages are available under one or more software licenses, which will be included in the packages. Much of it is covered by one or more of the GNU licenses.

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Most of the software packages here are compiled for Caldera Linux, and various versions of SCO Unix and Xenix (very little UnixWare at this time).

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